The Mother Of All Nail Breaks


Hello Everyone! This is a PSA do not lift heavy objects with one hand, cause when they slip from your hand they take nails with them.


Last Wednesday I experienced the most painful break I have EVER had. I have very thick nails (thanks mom) and i’m use to them snapping off but I’ve never had one rip so far into the nail plate. It’s still attached to skin so I can’t just ripping it off, it’ll just bleed more and It’s painful to cut so far into the plate so what to do? I bandaged it up like a mummy and went to work, it was an very interesting day, you never realize how much you use your thumb for until you can’t use it.

It bleed on and off all day, by the time I got home there was yellowing around the split (aka my body storing up white blood cells to fight off infection) so definitely couldn’t leave it like that, even bandaged up. So time to bust out the repair kit.


So first step, wash with Hydrogen peroxide, to get the blood off, then gently take the polish off (this was unpleasant). I didn’t want to file with an emery board, so I pulled out my trusty drill. I created a groove on sides of the break so it looks like a trench, I washed my hands and cleaned it with alcohol (I have no words for the burn.)


I cut a piece of silk to fit the space, now here’s the tricky part. I had press the split closed and hold it in place with my pointer finger then place the silk over it, apply bonder and cure it (that burned like a mother).


The bonder and silk holds the split together, i filled in the trench with gel and cure, I applied a layer of gel on top of that, then two more layers. Clean off dispersion layer, buff to smooth out the nail surface then clean off with alcohol.



It seems to be holding up really well, I cut the nail length to half, don’t get me wrong I am NOT trying to preserve length not this time, but it’s not hampering me or getting caught on things so I decided to leave it for now.




This is the thickest, patch i’ve done and I still keep it covered with finger condoms (it’s a technical term cause that’s what they look like) from CVS to prevent anything from getting beneath the nail if i’m going to do dusty or dirty work and carry around a nails brush incase something does. So be careful with your claws.

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Spring Petals Watermarble

Hello Everyone! This was a very shiny watermarble nail art. I took about a hundred photos to try to get the polishes metallic sheen, didn’t quite happen but trust me its shiny.



Polishes used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lemon Zest (base), Orchid Around, Total Flirt, Heat Stroke, Going Green.


Watermarble Pattern



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Springy Negative Space Manicure

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all having an awesome monday! This is my seconds attempt at negative space mani, the first one can be seen here.


I uses chevron vinyls to make the X and then used a makeup sponge to create the gradient then remove the vinyls and voilà. I must have taken a hundred pictures and it still doesn’t look like it does in real life, it did pick up some if the polishes iridescence though.


Polishes used Zoya Jace, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sun Spots, Royal Hue & Total Flirt. The decals were bought off Ebay.



I did a different design on my right hand, since I was having trouble getting a symmetrical X design and I actually think I like this design better.


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Jefree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Hello Everyone! I really was over the liquid lipstick trend, I wasn’t going to do it again…nope…hmm hmm no ma’am not one more liquid lipstick, what did I do?

*Sigh* I kept getting tempted each time I saw it and I bought more liquid lipsticks and you know what I’m glad I did. Everyone was giving it rave reviews, which tempted but still made me skeptical. I’ve tried a lot of these liquid lipsticks and for one reason or the other they’ve never been worn twice, They’re all sitting in a box somewhere.


I managed to get my mitts on two of the more wearable everyday colors, but if you want to rock neon purple lips everyday, go ahead and do you. I got Dominatrix and Androgyny.

The formula isn’t too wet, is very pigmented and goes on like butter. The application and look of the lipstick is always helped if you exfoliate your lips the night before and use lip balm. There is a smell, it’s kind of chemically/plasticy, even being smell sensitive it doesn’t bother me and once it drys on the lips I don’t smell it anymore.

Dominatrix is a lovely chocolate brown.



Androgyny which always seems to be sold out, is described a mauve plum, that color in my opinion it depends on which light you’re in, sometimes it looks darker other times like a pale pink.



I really like these, and would purchase more. These are the most comfortable long wearing liquid lipsticks i’ve ever tried, they don’t over dry my lips and don’t cake up when I reapply after eating.

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Disclaimer: I was not sent these lipsticks to review and they were purchased with my own money.

Happy Easter!


Hello Everyone! Hope you’re having an awesome Easter weekend, I myself had a intensely irritating week add to that skin is doing it’s own thing and no amount of cuticle oil keeps the cuticle on my thumb from painfully splitting. So here’s to hoping for better next week.

Needing something fresh and springy, I decided on this Easter colors abstract watermarble.



​Polishes used OPI Alpine Snow (base), Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sun Spots, Social Butterfly, Royal Hue & Wing It & La Colors Gold stripper.


After I did the marble it looked like something was missing so I added a few lined of a La Colors Gold stripper.



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– Kerri


St Patrick’s Day Clover

Hello Everyone! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! This year I went with something a lot less dramatic than last years mani even though it was definitely more fun.

It started out like this.


and I didn’t quite like it for some reason, so it ended up like this.


For this mani I did base using Zoya Shawn and on top of that I applied OPI’s The Man With The Golden Gun.  For the watermarble I wanted a marble small enough to fit a little over half the nail and not hide the nail color under it. So I filled up most of the outer rings with Pipedream Polish Clearwater and then added the other four drops of polish to form the petals.


Polishes used Zoya Shawn (Base), Zoya Hunter & Jace (Watermarble), Zoya Goldie, Pipedream Polish Clearwater, OPI The Man With The Golden Gun.




Happy St. Patrick’s Day, don’t drink suspicious green beer and don’t go home with Leprechauns but have fun anyway.

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Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Makeup Stick

Hello Everyone! I know it’s always fun to try new foundations except when you don’t get the desired results. I know a lot of people love and swear by the Lancome Teint Idole liquid foundation, but I did a test application and it wasn’t for me. I’m not sure if it was because it was the height of summer and I was darker but my closest shade match just made me look pale.

But this makeup stick has turned into a love.


This is said to be a 24-hour wear weightless texture foundation stick that provides high coverage in a matte finish, with broad spectrum SPF 21 sunscreen. Also said to be:

  • Oil free,
  • Fragrance free,
  • Transfer-resistant,
  • Smudge-resistant
  • Non-comedogenic (causes blackheads by blocking the pores of the skin.)


I have oily/dry combination skin type, it applies smoothly, wasn’t streaky, feels very lightweight. One thing was watching out for is if the foundation separated on the oily parts (particularly my t-zone) of my skin, it never did. I did wear this with and without powder, I used Mac Mineralize in Dark Tan, it performed well either way, just a little blotting and I was good to go.


On price point, i’m on the fence, on one hand it’s $42 for 0.31 oz of product, even Make-Up Forever is 0.44 oz of product for $43, which isn’t all that much better, but it’s still more product. On the other hand a I little product can go a long way if like me you’re just evening out your skin tone, this foundation may last you a while because it is so highly pigmented.


I swatched my shade 500 Suede (W), it blends right in. Would I repurchase it? yes. I like that it’s portable, so easy to throw in my bag and lightweight with good coverage.


Ignore the background and tired face, I was having horrible allergies. (>.<)

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Happy Jamaica Day 2016


Hello Everyone! Happy Jamaica Day! Don’t worry if you’re not Jamaican you can celebrate anyway, have some Jamaican food and blast some reggae it’s all good.

Jamaica Day is a part of the Culture in Education Program, run by the Ministry of Education and is celebrated in schools across the country. Normally it’s celebrated on the on the last Friday in February, but because of this years general election it’s being held today.

Each year focuses in a different part of our culture this year it’s creative industries such as theater, music, art, design, writers and of course food.

My creation of choice tada…..



Polishes used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lemon Zest, Going Green, Heritage Red & Black Out.



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Purple Haze Gradient Manicure


Hello Everyone! I previously did a similar manicure in blue and I always wanted to recreate it since there was something about it I loved so much, but I chose different colors which I happen to like so tada ……..


It’s a purple gradient manicure, embellished with decals I got from Born Pretty Store and rhinestones from ebay. Though I still think this was cute, I preferred the blue, just give me blue any shade of blue will do. I literally have to stop myself from reaching for blue shade or all I would have are blue polishes and post blue manicures.

So what’s your favorite go to manicure color?


Polishes used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Femme Feather, Orchid Around, Wing It, Painted Lady, China Glaze Fairy Dust.





Thanks for reading and Happy Friday!

– Kerri


Blue Green Abstract Watermarble


Hello Everyone, This mani was done before my little break, I wasn’t sure what about I didn’t quite like, then I realized the color choices I made just weren’t as vibrant as I’d like. Honestly to me it looked a little depressing.



Polishes used Sally Hansen Bare Hug (base), Green Thumb, Funky Flare, Dabbler




And of course then this happened, it bent at work and both edges broke, I attempted to patch it but the next day it just ripped off when I was lifting a text book.


As you can see after two and a half months its all grown out.


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