Springy Negative Space Manicure

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all having an awesome monday! This is my seconds attempt at negative space mani, the first one can be seen here.


I uses chevron vinyls to make the X and then used a makeup sponge to create the gradient then remove the vinyls and voilà. I must have taken a hundred pictures and it still doesn’t look like it does in real life, it did pick up some if the polishes iridescence though.


Polishes used Zoya Jace, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sun Spots, Royal Hue & Total Flirt. The decals were bought off Ebay.



I did a different design on my right hand, since I was having trouble getting a symmetrical X design and I actually think I like this design better.


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Happy Jamaica Day 2016


Hello Everyone! Happy Jamaica Day! Don’t worry if you’re not Jamaican you can celebrate anyway, have some Jamaican food and blast some reggae it’s all good.

Jamaica Day is a part of the Culture in Education Program, run by the Ministry of Education and is celebrated in schools across the country. Normally it’s celebrated on the on the last Friday in February, but because of this years general election it’s being held today.

Each year focuses in a different part of our culture this year it’s creative industries such as theater, music, art, design, writers and of course food.

My creation of choice tada…..



Polishes used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lemon Zest, Going Green, Heritage Red & Black Out.



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Splatter Nail Art

Hello Everyone,

This was my attempt at splatter nails, another first for me, since it can get so messy. The chevrons on the accent nails using smaller nail vinyls.



Polishes used Butter London Pillar Red Box, Anise Your Inner Tiger, Anise Cosmic Kiss and NYC French White.


I don’t celebrate valentines day, so this is as close to valentines nail art as i’m gonna come.



Sorry for the photo quality, I take my photos outdoors in natural light (the lighting in my apartment sucks as you can see) but outside is super cold and i’m not going out there not even for you.

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Teal Chevrons

Hello Ladies,

I seems to have strayed from my usual marble, this marble effect is polish sponged on with saran wrap, the chevrons are nailvinyls that were bought from Linda @teismom on Instagram. You have no idea how happy I was to find her cause I draw shaky lines. They are super easy to use and won’t peel off your nail polish like some store bought ones i’ve used and yes i’ve had that “lovely” experience.


Polishes used Orly Teal Unreal, NYC Tudor City Teal & NYC French White.


I love Orly Teal Unreal the color is gorgeous, but dear lord does it stain, I had to use two coats of completely dry basecoat to try to minimize the staining, it took a few days to lose the skin stain too.




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