Halloween Zombies 2017

There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight.

Happy Halloween! I wanted a fun goofy concept and was drawing a blank, it’s usually the only time of year I attempt hand drawn nailart. When I saw these nail plates on Whatsupnails, it gave ideas and this is it…..more or less.

Polishes used for gradient Pure Ice Shore Bet (base) Zoya Pippa, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sun Kissed, Pure Ice Rumors, Essie Stylenomics, Essie Kimono-over, Anise Sea Gypsy.

Stamped With Lina Spooklicious 01 plate & Whats Up Nail A012 plate using polishes China Glaze Best Ponies Forever & OPI Silver Canvas.

I mattified it OPI Matte Top Coat

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Halloween Stripes 2016

Hello Everyone! Yup i’m aware of the date in the title, I did this last year, I didn’t think it was much of a nailart so I didn’t post but meh let’s just call it minimalist art.

Polishes used Zoya Raven & Purity, and water decals and The Nightmare Before Christmas rhinestones are from ebay.

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Halloween Pumpkin Forest 2016

Hello  Everyone! Happy Halloween! This is the only time of year I attempt to hand draw my nail art concept. I Sponged on several layers of blue, gray and green as a base, but it looked a little one dimensional and nature never is. So I added a yellow and a darker green to give it some life, I also used polishes with shimmer to simulate moonlight.



Polishes used Zoya Carey (base), Zoya Talia, Harley, Daisy, Tracie & England Dragon (Gradient). Zoya Willa, Kelly, Darcy, Arizona & Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Going Green. (Landscape drawings)




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Halloween Graveyard 2015


Hello Everyone, I hope Halloween was fun for you if you took part. It’s probably one of the few times I hand draw nail art, and I wouldn’t got traipsing through this grave yard after dark.


I did a gradient for the background, the cat and bats are decals.


Polishes used OPI Alpine Snow (base),

Sally Hansen Yummy Yam (top),

The Last Adventure (bottom),

Zoya Pepper (Inner edges),

Orly Liquid Vinyl (outer edges),

Phantom Frights Black Stripper for trees.



It was my first time using Zoya Matte Velvet Top Coat, I was a bit surprised it still looked a bit shiny.


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– Kerri

Candy Corn Watermarble


Hello Everyone, Are you ready for all hallows eve? It’s strange but this is the first year I can honestly say no, it doesn’t even feel like Halloween to me. To enter into the spirit of things I did a candy corn inspired watermarble. Does anyone even enjoy eating candy corn?….For real though I wanna know.



Polishes used OPI Alpine Snow (base), Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sun Spots and Sweet Nectar.


Watermarble pattern, you will notice that the polish didn’t want to spread at the start, so I had to encourage it. Also when forming my bullseye I had to tap the glass a few time when the white or yellow wouldn’t spread. I hope this helps.


Thank you for reading and Happy Halloween!


Pumpkin Swirls Watermarble

Hello Everyone, You know I love a good watermarble, and it’s that time of year so why not do a pumpkin swirl.


Pumpkin is not my favorite flavor, but Hersey’s Kiss Pumpkin Spice has grown on me.


Polishes used OPI Where Did Suzie’s Man-Go?, Zoya Tamsen and Zoya Goldie.



Thanks for reading!


Happy Halloween #Naillinkup

Happy Halloween!

This mani is for N.A.I.L.S. Week 5 – Spooky and of course HALLOWEEN!!!.


I did a gradient using different shades of gray and black and stamped with Bundle Monster plate BM-H08. I had bought some sinful colors polishes I wanted to use for something halloweeny but it didn’t work with the gloominess I was going for. So I changed the accent nail to a cat in the reflection of the moon. I used saran wrap to sponge on two different shades of orange over the yellow to give the moon some dept.

Polishes used for gradient, base is Zoya Purity and over that Zoya Carey, Kelly, Raven.


Sinful Colors Let’s See, Cloud 9, Courtney Orange.


This is the look with a glossy finish.


Thanks for reading!




The Pumpkin Forrest

Hello everyone! Such a lovely evening for walking in the woods, shall we?

The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. – Robert Frost


Week four of N.A.I.L. #Naillinkup and it’s time step into the spooky forest, and see how to achieve this easy hand painted manicure.


You’ll need sponge, a fine tipped nail art brush, I used Wistonia 000 and of course nail polish.


Polishes used are Wet N’ Wild Black Crème, Wet N’ a Wild French White Crème, Anise Secret Stash & Zoya Dream.


Anise Soak Up Samba, Zoya Darcy, Essie Stylenomics & topcoat with Wet N’ Wild Matte Topcoat.

So let’s break it down:


1) Apply a white base to your nails.
2) On the sponge apply Anise Secret Stash, (or any color you have that looks like dried grass) around the edges of the sponge in a slight curve. Apply white in the middle area and sponge that on until you have the desired color is build up.
3) Using the same sponge, apply Zoya Dream (or any blue glitter polish that’s not too intense) over one section of the dark green polish and sponge that on, to give the effect of a darkening sky.
4) Use the nail art brush to draw in the pumpkins, then use a lighter shade of orange to draw in the lines of the pumpkin. (I didn’t have a shade like that so I mixed some orange and yellow to get a lighter shade.)
5) Use a dark green polish to draw in the pumpkin stems and with black polish draw in the eyes, nose and mouth.
6) Draw in the trees with black polish, they don’t have to look perfect, the more dead looking the better. Draw some small lines upward from the base of the trees to look like blades of grass. Topcoat and you’re done.

Now say hello to James.


I really liked how this turned out so I decided to wear this mani for a few days, sans spidery pinky and with glossy topcoat, but I actually think I prefer it matte.



Thanks for reading!



#Naillinkup Favorite Indie

Hello Everyone, Week three of N.A.I.L. #Naillinkup, favorite indie I don’t actually have a favorite indie since I tend to buy the colors that appeal to me. I can’t really choose cause it changes everyday but this is the one i’m currently digging.


The base is NYC French White Tip and the dripping is Sassy Polish Melted Limesicle it was nothing like the color on the website but I liked it anyway. The shimmer in the polish makes the drippings looked extra gooey. The polish was a bit sheer and I had to go over it a few times.


Use a brush to make a little pool at the top at of the nail that will look like the slime will drip from it and use a dotting tool to make the drippings.

Thank for reading,


#Naillinkup Textured Nails

Hello Everyone, Week two of N.A.I.L. #Naillinkup textured nails. I had this idea but I wasn’t too  thrilled about how it turned out.


I used Zoya Destiny stamped with Konad m28 using Zoya Raven. Destiny it turns out is a bit too shimmery for what I had in mind, and made it a bit hard to photograph. And a tip if you have a hard time wearing textured polish because the tip gets caught on everything, when the polish is almost dry to the touch just use a finger and gently pat the tips down or just tap them against a flat solid surface. It’ll smooth out the tips and you’ll see less tip wear.


It turned out ok, but I have to say after stamping on all those spiders, I had the weirdest nightmare, cause mi no likey spiders. I dream’t that some lizard shaped water creature that was very aggressive somehow found it’s way into my aquarium and was killing everything in it. The weird part is that it was like a dream within a dream, in my dream I was asleep and I could hear it but I couldn’t move or wake up but I was aware. But no worries fishes are alive.


Thanks for reading and letting my share my weirdness. 😀