Celebration Balloons!

Hello Everyone, for you folks still partying this weekend, here is a light and cheery manicure. Lets break it down, on pointer and Pinkie Maxfactor Fantasy Fire, on ring finger Dandy Nails Chilled Down (Indie polish).


The marble on the middle finger is NYC French White Tips (base), Orly Liquid Vinyl and Zoya Trixie. Stamped on Bundle Monster BM-H14 with Konad Black and White, I colored over the balloons on pointer with OP Sheer Tints and on ring finger I added extra dots with Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Pearly White.


Polishes used Maxfactor Fantasy Fire, NYC French White Tips, Orly Liquid Vinyl, Zoya Trixie and Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Pearly White


Konad black & white, OPI Sheer Tints.


And since it’s still ok to wish you Happy New year.


Thanks for reading!

– Kerri



Lace and Pearls

Hello Everyone, Happy um after Thanksgiving Day!
My cousin spent all day bugging me for a bridal inspired nails, why she wanted bridal nails? I still have no idea. At first I said no then realized I’d never done one. Thinking back on it most bridal nails i’ve seen have all been a simple white french manicure, soft pink base with french tips or some variation of that. This my variation on the theme.


Polish used is a lone beat up bottle of NYC French White Tips.


I created a french manicure, then stamped over that using plate Pureen 44, topcoated then added the rhinestones and topcoated again.


The reason I topcoated before adding the rhinestones is that when I repeatedly go over the stamping, it completely smears. I had to redo my pinky, but that’s nailart trial and correction (not error) we improve as we go.


Have a great weekend and thanks for reading !



#31dc2014 Nail Challange – Week 2

Hello Everyone, Week two of torture and I’m chugging along. There were some loves this week and I had some regrets for not being able to wear them longer but hey that’s the game.

Day 7 – B&W Nails, For more info [Click]


Day 8 – Metallic Nails polish, Zoya Trixie & Anise After Day Dinner stamped on with Konad M64.


Day 9 – Rainbow Nails, I did an individual post for this.



Day 10 – Gradiant Nails, polishes used Essie Mint Candy Apple, Essie Fall In Line & Essie Armed And Ready.


Day 11- Polka Dots, polishes used Anise Snake Charmer, OPI Alpine Snow (White), OPI I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana (Yellow) and Zoya Tilda (Green).


Day 12 – Stripes, Polishes used Anise At The Meeting, Anise Cocktail Dress & OPI Alpine Snow.


Day 13 – Animal Print, See post for more info.


Thanks for Reading!


#31dc2014 Splatter Watermarble

Hello everyone, I absolutely love the effect of splatter nailart but I have to say it looks way too messy for me and I wouldn’t be looking forward to the cleanup.

So you know I had to find a way to do one watermarble style.


The way I achieved this effect is the complete opposite of what I normally do and look for in polishes for a marble. I needed polishes that dried fast on the water or don’t work well together, the key in this case was Wet N’ Wild Clear Protector it drys fast on the water so all you do is tease the drops apart and dip until you have the desired look.


You can dip your nails more than once, I experimented a bit more on these nails and made the design effect a bit heavier by double dipping (or in my case pulling out my nails without cleaning up the water surface), it was ok, I wasn’t to big a fan of this effect, less is more.


Polishes used OPI Muir Muir On The Wall, Anise Your Inner Tiger, Anise Sirena. Finger Paints Black Expressionism (Base), NYC French White, Wet N’ Wild Clear Protector.


This photo is a little darker and you can see the gold pop a bit more.


Thanks for reading!



Chocolatey Watermarble

Hey Everyone, Anyone up for chocolate caramel swirls with sprinkles?


Everyone keeps telling me I should have done them all in chocolate swirls, what do you think? I kinda agree despite the fact that looking at my nails gives me a chocolate craving.


Polishes used OPI San Tan-Tonio, OPI Espresso Your Style.

China Glaze Fairy Dust, NYC French White Tip, OPI Sheer Tints. Yellow – I’m Never Amberrassed (beware this stains really badly), Purple – Don’t Violet Me Down, Pink – Be Magentale With Me, Blue – I Can Teal You Like Me.



This is the same technique that I used before for this mani.

Thanks for reading!


Happy Easter!

Hello Everyone, This bright mani is so colorful it hurts even my eyes lol. Bright nailart like this is normally not my style but apparently Easter calls for bright colors. As it is sometimes when using multiple colors/polish in a marble getting them to co-operate was a pain in the neck, and something as simple as changing the order that you drop the polish on the water will smooth that out. The other marble I wanted it to be more speckled and less marble, it was applied using saran wrap.



For the marble, Sally Hansen Coral Reef, Butter London Queen Vic, Butter London Cheeky Chops (base) and Butter London Molly Coddled.


For the speckle I used Sally Hansen Mellow Yellow (base), NYC French White Tips, Zoya Darcy, Sally Hansen Hot Tamale, Sally Hansen Razz-Berry.





Happy Easter and Thanks For Reading!


Metallic Blues

Hi Everyone, Oh look I finally learned how to do the onestroke technique.


Ummm no (still working on it though) I got these water decal stickers from Born Pretty Store.


I normally don’t have much luck applying these verses the peel and stick decals but these went on really easily. The ones I usually get from other beauty supply stores either fell apart while I was soaking it, crinkled up even before I got it off the backing or folded in on it self when I slide it of.


This one seemed to be made of a sturdier plastic that held its shape that I could use tweezers to hold it when placing them on the nail. Also it applies flat so I didn’t have to use the two or three coats of topcoat that I usually do to hide the ridges from the peel and stick decals.

You can use this code FBJ61 and get 10% off and they have free shipping too the only downside is it can take a while to get your package, the joy of international shipping.


The polishes used are base NYC French White Tip and gradient OPI Dining Al Frisco, OPI Into The Night, OPI Cuckoo For This Color, and accent nail is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Glam Fest.



Thanks for reading!


Splatter Nail Art

Hello Everyone,

This was my attempt at splatter nails, another first for me, since it can get so messy. The chevrons on the accent nails using smaller nail vinyls.



Polishes used Butter London Pillar Red Box, Anise Your Inner Tiger, Anise Cosmic Kiss and NYC French White.


I don’t celebrate valentines day, so this is as close to valentines nail art as i’m gonna come.



Sorry for the photo quality, I take my photos outdoors in natural light (the lighting in my apartment sucks as you can see) but outside is super cold and i’m not going out there not even for you.

Thanks for reading!


When Stamping Goes Bad

Hello Everyone,

Ever been up late and decided to that since you’re up you might as well paint your nails. No? Well I did, all I can say is never do nails when sleep deprived. 


I’ve wanted to try the MoYou London stamping plates for a long time, this is plate #1 from the Suki Collection.


I’m not the best at stamping but this required double stamping because of my nail length, but this may not be the best plate for you if you have to double or tipple stamp. I like the concept but if you have a large area of nail to cover with just a little patch on the plate, that could be a bit of a problem. But It seems that MoYou have started making XL plates with bigger images for people with long or wide nail YAY!


These are lovely plates and the indentations are deep enough to make it easy for you to scrape the excess polish away and have enough to pick up (don’t roll you eyes it’s happened to me on other plates, one scrape and everything came off.)


I did a gradient using polishes Anise Flirty Lace, NYC French White and stamping polish is Konad Black.



Thanks for reading!


PS: I hope you having better weather than the horror headed this way.

Teal Chevrons

Hello Ladies,

I seems to have strayed from my usual marble, this marble effect is polish sponged on with saran wrap, the chevrons are nailvinyls that were bought from Linda @teismom on Instagram. You have no idea how happy I was to find her cause I draw shaky lines. They are super easy to use and won’t peel off your nail polish like some store bought ones i’ve used and yes i’ve had that “lovely” experience.


Polishes used Orly Teal Unreal, NYC Tudor City Teal & NYC French White.


I love Orly Teal Unreal the color is gorgeous, but dear lord does it stain, I had to use two coats of completely dry basecoat to try to minimize the staining, it took a few days to lose the skin stain too.




Thanks for reading!