​ A-England Polish Swatches


Hello Everyone! I’ve always wanted to get these polishes, no idea what I was waiting on, I came across them on sale at whatsupnails.com for $7:35 the usual price is $10. Yay who doesn’t love a sale.

I somehow narrowed it down to 6 polishes, from different collections i’ve included the collection names that if like Pokemon you wanna catch them all you can. The formula for these are awesome, they apply so well, not streaky or patchy at all.

 A-England Polish

Rose Bower (Collection: To Emily Bronte): is a beautiful shimmering red polish, the holo effect is very subtle but still lovely. This is two coats with a topcoat.

Rose Bower

Briar Rose (Collection: Burne-Jones Dream): is and interesting color and hard to described, it’s red, but looks almost pink with a very fine holographic shimmer that looks very subtle.

Briar Rose

Dragon (Collection: The Legend): is a forest green holographic polish and hands down my favorite.


Spirit of the Moors (Collection: To Emily Bronte): Is a beautiful blue polish with very fine silver holographic shimmer. oh and these stain nails so double up on basecoat. This is two coats with a topcoat.

Spirit of the Moors

Crown of Thistles (Collection: Elizabeth and Mary): Is a beautiful deep purple, you could get away with one coat, but I did two to let the holo effect really come through and it’s close for favorite.

Crown of Thistles

Excalibur Renaissance (Collection: The Mythicals): Is a silver foil polish, it’s one of the smoothest silver polishes I have. It’s not streaky but can get that that way if you go over it with excessive strokes. I can stamp with it, watermarble with it, can be a one coater but this is two coats.

Excalibur Renaissance

Do I want more? you betcha!

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Priti NYC Polish

Hello Everyone! I bought these polishes on Hautelook for $6.50 each, the price is normally $15. The color selection was limited but I’ve never tried them before so why not. The polish formulas for the ones I tried applied very smoothly, no streaks, but are not very opaque. The polish themselves kind of remind me of jelly formulas, very soft looking.


Sweet Sultan: is a sandy brown color some say nude lol, this is two coats.


Blue Eyed Brunette: Is a soft pale orange polish, that is a lot paler than it appears in this picture. Is opaque in two coats.


Baby’s Tears: Is an olive green polish with very subtle dark flecks, this is the exception to the not unique. This is two coats, need three to four to be truly opaque.


Polish Spirit: is a bright purple polish, this is two coats, it needs three to be truly opaque.


Final thoughts: though this is a 5 free vegan polish, cruelty free, FDA approved and the company uses recycled bottles. Has a very smooth formula, and I applaud their environmental practices but I wouldn’t specifically go out to hunt down this polish, they can be bought in Whole Foods by the way. They are not water marble friendly and will probably end up in my donation box.

Thanks for reading!

– Kerri

Essie Flowerista Collection

Hello Everyone! I only picked up two polishes from the Essie Flowerista Collection, I had similar colors to the others in the collection so i passed on those i’m getting better at that. #nailaddictstruggle

Garden Variety: OMG! This is two coats of gorgeous blue polish. It has a nice formula, goes on smoothly, I know I have similar colors to this but it’s so beautiful how could I pass it up. Also it stains my skin and maybe the nail but I wasn’t wearing it long enough to find out, so double up on base coat to be safe.


Petal Pusher: Is a lovely blue grey shade, goes on smooth, none streaky, this is two coats. I really like this, it’s like nothing else I have in my collection.


Thanks For Reading!

– Kerri

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Rave About Color Collection

Hello Everyone! I picked up some polishes from the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Rave About Color Collection at Rite Aid for $2.99 each. There are 8 polishes in the collection I only picked up three.


First up Groove-y! This polish is a milky white polish, it’s an interesting polish it’s almost like a gel polish but it’s actually a creme. It reminds me of Wet N’ Wild 2% Milk, which is also a favorite of mine. This two coats but it’s actually a hard polish to get an even application. Apply one thin coat allow a minute or two to dry then load up the brush on the second coat, I love it.


Funky Flare: Is a warm orange creme that when applied has a hint of peachy-ness to the color, its a very pretty orange for summer, and I like this even though orange is normally not my color. This is two coats, goes on smoothly.


Get Down: No it’s not as funky as the name sounds, it’s a dark mauve color, that’s really pretty and not like anything I have in my collection. This is two coats goes on very smoothly.


Here’s the entire collection, the other two cremes are similar to other colors i’ve picked up from precious collections so I passed.


Thanks for reading!

– Kerri

PS: So while I was working on this those polish names kept reminding me of oldies songs, so here’s a weird question.

Which song is more funky “KC & The Sunshine Band – Get Down Tonight” or “Kool & The Gang – Get Down On It”?

Pretty Jelly Polishes

Hello Everyone! I’m trying out some new indies from Pretty Jelly Polish. She sells some gorgeous 5 free holo polishes. And as is my habit when i’m trying new indie brands I bought the minis. Unlike some of the earlier holos and even some of the newer ones doesn’t require special base coat or top coat.


First up is Mexico City: it is a red scattered-linear holographic polish, goes on very smoothly, not streaky this is two coats and topcoated.


Plum In Love: is a interesting pinky, redish, purpley toned polish, it’s described as red but I don’t see it. Goes on smoothly, not streaky, two coats and topcoat.


House of Usher: is a gorgeous dark purple described as violet linear holographic polish, this is my favorite of the three I bought. It goes on smoothly, not streaky, two coats and topcoat.


Overall: The colors are not that unique but they are gorgeous, and the formula makes application a no brainier, it just glides on. I need to test if they can watermarble, I hope they can, but either way I see a few more colors i’d like to have.

Thanks for reading!

– Kerri

Pop.arazzi Polish Review

Hello Everyone! When I came across this polishes in CVS I thought colorful, inexpensive and cute bottles, WIN! right? Ummm…….NO.


Lime-ousine Ride: is a beautiful apple green polish, this is two coats and topcoated. The polish application is streaky and patchy and after two coats I had bald spots even after allowing dry time in between coats.


Love All: is a bright sunny springtime yellow, this is two coats and a wait time in between applications and topcoated. This polish was thick and goopy (its a technical term), I wondered if I had just gotten a bad bottle, no I hadn’t, they were all like that.


Final thoughts: The colors though beautiful are not that unique for me to struggle with these polishes to get a smooth application. The other turn off for me is the scent, these smell the same as Kleancolor polishes, though I haven’t bought any Kleancolor in years so they may smell different now, but that’s what it reminds me off. I’m thankful I only bought two to try even though they were only 99 cents each because I would have been POed if i’d bought more.

Thanks for reading!

– Kerri

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Colors that Soar Collection

Hello Everyone! This is the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Colors That Soar Limited Edition Collection. I picked these up at CVS for $3.19 each, the formula for these is a bit different from their other polishes. They’re cremes but runny and thin (almost like a gel polish), so you can end up with bald patches, the polish application required a break between the first and second coat or you may take off some of the first coat and require touch ups to fill in the bald spots. (Trust me I did that a few times.)


Starting off with Fan Appeal: Is a purple, green, pink Duochrome polish, It applies like a creme and can also be used as top coat over a darker color like Painted Lady, this is two coats.


Fan Appeal without sunlight.


Painted Lady: Is a dark purple, it’s a lot like OPI Vant to Bite My Neck. This was a bit more like their usual formula and so pigmented, it’s one coat. This is probably my favorite of the bunch.


Wing It: this is a lovely lavender creme, that reminds me a lot of Rimmel London Wild Orchid or Essie Play Date. This is two coats.


Fly By: Is a shimmery turquoise top coat type polish, it’s much too thin to wear on its own, This is two coats and would look great over Cuteapillar.


A closer look at Fly By, this is three coats.


Cuteapillar: is a pearl aqua creme polish, the color is beautiful, this is two coats.


These are the colors I passed on Social Butterfly, Monarchy & Sweet Nectar which is tempting me to go back for it.



Overall: Theses polishes require some patience and finessing, i’ll keep maybe three only because they are watermarble friendly, the other two will probably end up in my donation pile.

Thanks for Reading!


Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear New 2015 Shades

Hello Everyone, These are the new colors from Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear. I have similar colors but it never hurts to have multiple colors that are water marble friendly.


Starting it off is Bare it All: which is a lovely nude shade. It’s so hard to find a nude that fits my skintone, this is two coats.


Giant Peach: is a pretty peach tone polish, I don’t own a lot of peach shades, this one is a keeper and also two coats.


Mauve Over: is dark mauve and my favorite of the ones I picked up, it is also the Pantone 2015 color of the year, Marsala. Two coats.


Blue Babe: Is a pretty baby blue shade that has shimmer and a tiny hint of violet in the right light. I can never pass up a good blue, this is two coats.


Big Teal: is a beautiful blue green shade, i’m liking this shade a lot, two coats.


Overall they may be standard colors but the formulas were great they went on smoothly, completely opaque in two coats, I’m happy with my purchase.

The colors I passed on Jam packed, Tickled pink  All Bright.



Thanks for reading!



Sassy Polish

Hello Everyone, I’m trying out some new polishes from Sassy Polish and as usual when trying out indie polishes from a brand I’ve never used before, I buy the minis if available.


Italian Love Affair, this certainly looks different from what I saw on the website, it is described as “A gorgeous bright purple with linear holographic glow”. It looked almost neon in web pictures and yes I know every polish looks different depending on the lighting but umm this is lilac. This was not what I was expecting but it’s still pretty. This is two coats stamped with Konad M73.


Religious Nut, this is a black…greenish…purplely, umm lets just call it “dark green holographic awesomeness of a polish”. Title too long? The polish applies smoothly, this is two coats, I think it may need three to be truly opaque as it’s a little sheer. Decals from Born Pretty Store.


Sunlight Sparkle, this was my favorite, its a white ivory color with holographic glitter. From looking at it in the bottle you would think it was sheer but it not. This is two coats stamped with Konad M20 and my first time trying a little advanced stamping.


Crazy Eyes is a dark plum polish with holographic glitter, but I have must have gotten a bad batch because this was really goopy and thick. No matter how I tried to get a smooth application it just didn’t happen and topcoat didn’t make it any smoother. I was going to complete this nail art but I took one look at it and thought ummm….no.


I added a few drops of polish thinner and it applied smooth as silk, this is two coats, I did a post for this nail art.


Melted Limesicle is a light green polish with darker green glitter, this too looks different from the website I thought it would be a bit more holographic, Even though it wasn’t what I was expecting, I like this shade of green. It applies smoothly and is very sheer and will probably need 3-4 coats to be opaque. I applied it over white and only went over the drippings twice to make them darker.


Thank You,


Disclaimer: I was asked to review these polishes by the maker, they were purchased with my own money at a discount. These are my honest thoughts.

Etude House Nail Polish

Hi Everyone, I purchased these polishes from eBay, talk about spring colors, to be honest I probable have some similar colors in my collection but I love the bottles (don’t judge me.)

They have no names that I could see, the polish formula is a bit thick and can get goopy (it’s a technical term) on application and the brush is too short for my liking, the colors are pretty but that’s it.



Thanks for reading!