Happy Emancipation Day Jamaica 2017!

Hello Everyone! Happy Emancipation Day! Whenever this time of year rolls around and i’m homesick to the extreme, and since this and Independence day fall within the same week so it’s normally a week long celebration. So i’m celebrating my way with nail art of course. See previous years mani for a mini history lesson.

Polishes used Zoya Pippa, Wyatt, Willa & Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Going Green, stamped with Plate BM-H14 using Zoya Goldie and coconut trees from plate Konad M29.

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Halloween Graveyard

Hello  Everyone! Happy Halloween! This is the only time of year I attempt to hand draw my nail art concept. I Sponged on several layers of blue, gray and green as a base, but it looked a little one dimensional and nature never is. So I added a yellow and a darker green to give it some life, I also used polishes with shimmer to simulate moonlight.



Polishes used Zoya Carey (base), Zoya Talia, Harley, Daisy, Tracie & England Dragon (Gradient). Zoya Willa, Kelly, Darcy, Arizona & Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Going Green. (Landscape drawings)




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Green and Ivory Petals Watermarble

Hello Everyone! This mani was done last November and forgot to post it, i’m still loving it earthy goodness.



Mini petal pattern tutorial.

Polishes used Gradient Zoya Yara, Logan, Remy and watermarble is Zoya Charlott (base), Zoya Anais & Finger Paints Pass The Picasso (not pictured).




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Golden Brown Vines

Hello Everyone! I wanted something quick and easy because it was late and I wanted to sleep, and also a palate cleanser after the previous bright neon polish manicure.

The base for this nail stamping is a black nail tint I made by adding a few drops of black polish in some clear topcoat (It drys quicker for stamping purposes). Over that I stamped on the vines using the brown polish and on top of that silvery brown. I absolutely love the effect.



Polishes used Zoya Austine, Cinnamon & Pureen 33 Stamping Plate.




I applied a Zoya coat of matte velvet top coat, it’s not absolutely matte it has a little shine to it.


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Springy Negative Space Manicure

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all having an awesome monday! This is my seconds attempt at negative space mani, the first one can be seen here.


I uses chevron vinyls to make the X and then used a makeup sponge to create the gradient then remove the vinyls and voilà. I must have taken a hundred pictures and it still doesn’t look like it does in real life, it did pick up some if the polishes iridescence though.


Polishes used Zoya Jace, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sun Spots, Royal Hue & Total Flirt. The decals were bought off Ebay.



I did a different design on my right hand, since I was having trouble getting a symmetrical X design and I actually think I like this design better.


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Summer’s Gone By


Hello Everyone! This should have been posted before my break from blogging, I completely forgot about it. This was a simple no frills summer inspired gradient, done with a damp sponge. I also applied decals from born pretty store (# G110).



Polishes used Zoya Josie, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sweet Nectar & Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Wing It.




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Star Burst Watermarble


Hello Everyone, I hope everyone had a great July 4th if you celebrated and all your dogs have stopped hiding under the sofa and other animals recovering from the festive fireworks. This is a fun burst of color to celebrate.



Polishes used Zoya Wendy & Livingston, Tilda & Ryan, Perrie & Haven, Yummy & Ibiza, Darcy & Arizona.


Watermarble pattern how to



I did this hand first and didn’t like the last two nails done with Zoya Wednesday & Tamsen, Odette & Pepper, so I change it on my my left hand.


Thank you!

– Kerri




Zoya Rue

Hello Everyone! Even though it’s almost the weekend again, I know this post is late, don’t judge me. 😛 Last weekend was kinda busy so I only had time for a quick manicure.

This is Zoya Rue is a pinky/peachy nude cream polish, this is two coats, thick consistency but goes on smoothly.



Polish used is Zoya Rue, decals are from Born Pretty Store pattern G124 and nail studs and rhinestones from eBay.




Thanks for reading!

– Kerri

Green And Gold Watermarble


Hello Everyone! It’s time to enjoy the golden summer sun and roll in the grass again… unless you have allergies, then doing this is way safer. I going to go with if you’re feeling blue go green but that sounds so cheesy.


I did this mani a little after my nail repair, so it’s not very recent, but I still think it was cute.


I did a fast watermarble manicure using Zoya Tilda (base), Zoya Severin (is one of the best marbling metallic polishes i’ve found) & Zoya Shawn.


The watermarble pattern, as you will see the polishes didn’t all spread out evenly, because this was not the pattern I had in mind for this marble, so I kept trying different ones until I found one that worked with these polishes. Trying to force it into a particular pattern with just frustrate you and make it seem more difficult.



Thanks for reading!

– Kerri

Zoya Earth Day Polish Exchange 2015

Hello Everyone! It’s that time of year again, Zoya’s Earth Day nail polish exchange!


With over 300 shades rooted in a healthy philosophy, it’s no surprise that we’re committed to helping you green your beauty routine! That’s why each year we give you the opportunity to exchange any old nail polish bottles that you may have laying around your house collecting dust, or that are not BIG5FREE formulas, for brand new toxin-free* Zoya Nail Polish shades. You can rest assured that your unwanted polishes will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Helping the earth is easy… all you have to do to get started is pick out your NEW Zoya colors at www.zoya.com, follow the instructions below and checkout. Let us do the rest!

How The Exchange Works

1. Visit www.zoya.com and add a minimum of 6 bottles of polish (no more than 24 bottles) to your cart. Minimum 12, maximum 48 for professional accounts.
2. Apply Code: EARTHLUV and a 50% credit will be added to your exchange order – free shipping included!
3. Complete checkout and you’re all set! If you need further instructions on sending back your unwanted polish click HERE.

The exchange runs on the honor system, which means you are not obligated to send in your unwanted polish – we assume you’re going to do the right thing! Many people donate the polish to a local cause instead, which we fully support. If you choose to send back your polishes, please check with your carrier of choice for shipping guidelines and restrictions for nail polish. For full promotion terms & conditions and instructions on how to send in your polish,click HERE.

Offer valid 4/21/15 – 4/28/15 (11:59pm EST)

Happy Shopping and remember to be kind to mother earth.

– Kerri