​ A-England Polish Swatches


Hello Everyone! I’ve always wanted to get these polishes, no idea what I was waiting on, I came across them on sale at whatsupnails.com for $7:35 the usual price is $10. Yay who doesn’t love a sale.

I somehow narrowed it down to 6 polishes, from different collections i’ve included the collection names that if like Pokemon you wanna catch them all you can. The formula for these are awesome, they apply so well, not streaky or patchy at all.

 A-England Polish

Rose Bower (Collection: To Emily Bronte): is a beautiful shimmering red polish, the holo effect is very subtle but still lovely. This is two coats with a topcoat.

Rose Bower

Briar Rose (Collection: Burne-Jones Dream): is and interesting color and hard to described, it’s red, but looks almost pink with a very fine holographic shimmer that looks very subtle.

Briar Rose

Dragon (Collection: The Legend): is a forest green holographic polish and hands down my favorite.


Spirit of the Moors (Collection: To Emily Bronte): Is a beautiful blue polish with very fine silver holographic shimmer. oh and these stain nails so double up on basecoat. This is two coats with a topcoat.

Spirit of the Moors

Crown of Thistles (Collection: Elizabeth and Mary): Is a beautiful deep purple, you could get away with one coat, but I did two to let the holo effect really come through and it’s close for favorite.

Crown of Thistles

Excalibur Renaissance (Collection: The Mythicals): Is a silver foil polish, it’s one of the smoothest silver polishes I have. It’s not streaky but can get that that way if you go over it with excessive strokes. I can stamp with it, watermarble with it, can be a one coater but this is two coats.

Excalibur Renaissance

Do I want more? you betcha!

Thank you for reading!



Neon Watermarble


Hello Everyone! Neonitist, it’s my recent sickness, but seriously though I have been wondering about my lack of polish buying enthusiasm. I stopped last month because I started buying neons like they were just invented. 😅

This watermarble is done from the Lou It Yourself, Bright Idea Neon Collection.


These polishes are very vibrant but they dry a little fast and stops spreading on the water so I could only do so many drops before it wouldn’t spread anymore. When I added the extra drops anyway the colors got muddled. Exhibit A my nails, very few of them turned out like I wanted them to but I liked them anyway.


Polishes used Sally Hansen White On, Lou It Yourself When It Rains It Pours, Avoid it like the Plague & Cat Got Your Tongue?


Nail pattern how to after I figured out the polish.



Thanks for reading!



The Mother Of All Nail Breaks


Hello Everyone! This is a PSA do not lift heavy objects with one hand, cause when they slip from your hand they take nails with them.


Last Wednesday I experienced the most painful break I have EVER had. I have very thick nails (thanks mom) and i’m use to them snapping off but I’ve never had one rip so far into the nail plate. It’s still attached to skin so I can’t just ripping it off, it’ll just bleed more and It’s painful to cut so far into the plate so what to do? I bandaged it up like a mummy and went to work, it was an very interesting day, you never realize how much you use your thumb for until you can’t use it.

It bleed on and off all day, by the time I got home there was yellowing around the split (aka my body storing up white blood cells to fight off infection) so definitely couldn’t leave it like that, even bandaged up. So time to bust out the repair kit.


So first step, wash with Hydrogen peroxide, to get the blood off, then gently take the polish off (this was unpleasant). I didn’t want to file with an emery board, so I pulled out my trusty drill. I created a groove on sides of the break so it looks like a trench, I washed my hands and cleaned it with alcohol (I have no words for the burn.)


I cut a piece of silk to fit the space, now here’s the tricky part. I had press the split closed and hold it in place with my pointer finger then place the silk over it, apply bonder and cure it (that burned like a mother).


The bonder and silk holds the split together, i filled in the trench with gel and cure, I applied a layer of gel on top of that, then two more layers. Clean off dispersion layer, buff to smooth out the nail surface then clean off with alcohol.



It seems to be holding up really well, I cut the nail length to half, don’t get me wrong I am NOT trying to preserve length not this time, but it’s not hampering me or getting caught on things so I decided to leave it for now.




This is the thickest, patch i’ve done and I still keep it covered with finger condoms (it’s a technical term cause that’s what they look like) from CVS to prevent anything from getting beneath the nail if i’m going to do dusty or dirty work and carry around a nails brush incase something does. So be careful with your claws.

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Happy Easter!


Hello Everyone! Hope you’re having an awesome Easter weekend, I myself had a intensely irritating week add to that skin is doing it’s own thing and no amount of cuticle oil keeps the cuticle on my thumb from painfully splitting. So here’s to hoping for better next week.

Needing something fresh and springy, I decided on this Easter colors abstract watermarble.



​Polishes used OPI Alpine Snow (base), Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sun Spots, Social Butterfly, Royal Hue & Wing It & La Colors Gold stripper.


After I did the marble it looked like something was missing so I added a few lined of a La Colors Gold stripper.



Thank you for reading?

– Kerri


Happy Jamaica Day 2016


Hello Everyone! Happy Jamaica Day! Don’t worry if you’re not Jamaican you can celebrate anyway, have some Jamaican food and blast some reggae it’s all good.

Jamaica Day is a part of the Culture in Education Program, run by the Ministry of Education and is celebrated in schools across the country. Normally it’s celebrated on the on the last Friday in February, but because of this years general election it’s being held today.

Each year focuses in a different part of our culture this year it’s creative industries such as theater, music, art, design, writers and of course food.

My creation of choice tada…..



Polishes used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lemon Zest, Going Green, Heritage Red & Black Out.



Thanks for reading!



Purple Haze Gradient Manicure


Hello Everyone! I previously did a similar manicure in blue and I always wanted to recreate it since there was something about it I loved so much, but I chose different colors which I happen to like so tada ……..


It’s a purple gradient manicure, embellished with decals I got from Born Pretty Store and rhinestones from ebay. Though I still think this was cute, I preferred the blue, just give me blue any shade of blue will do. I literally have to stop myself from reaching for blue shade or all I would have are blue polishes and post blue manicures.

So what’s your favorite go to manicure color?


Polishes used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Femme Feather, Orchid Around, Wing It, Painted Lady, China Glaze Fairy Dust.





Thanks for reading and Happy Friday!

– Kerri


Blue Green Abstract Watermarble


Hello Everyone, This mani was done before my little break, I wasn’t sure what about I didn’t quite like, then I realized the color choices I made just weren’t as vibrant as I’d like. Honestly to me it looked a little depressing.



Polishes used Sally Hansen Bare Hug (base), Green Thumb, Funky Flare, Dabbler




And of course then this happened, it bent at work and both edges broke, I attempted to patch it but the next day it just ripped off when I was lifting a text book.


As you can see after two and a half months its all grown out.


Thanks for reading!


Anti Valentines Day Nails


Hello Everyone, So I took an impromptu blog break and it got really hard to get back into blogging. Though we are in the second month happy new year anyway. I still don’t celebrate valentines but if you do more power to you.


I did a simple gradient for pointer and pinky using Zoya Genesis (base), Piaf, Blair, Jem and accented that with a circle charm and pearl rhinestone.


The middle fingers are valentines nail vinyl samples I got from Whats Up Nails, Zoya Genesis is the base and sponged on to is Zoya Storm & Payton. For battered and bruised hearts (if a bit sparkly).


Polishes used Zoya Genesis (base), Piaf, Blair, Jem, Storm & Payton.


For the right hand I messed up so I did a switch and used decals.


This is a link to 2014’s mani.

Thanks for reading!

– Kerri

PS. I found this funny doodle by @ritualbydesign on Instagram that perfectly sums most people on valentines day.


Purple and Yellow Watermarble


Hello Everyone! Are skulls only for halloween? Umm no, no they’re not. This wavy watermarble started out as an idea that didn’t quite work out because some of the other colors bled too much……you’ll see what I mean.


On the pointer and middle fingers you can see some bleeding of the purple polish, there are ways to minimize this from happening. Let the polish spread as much as possible when dropped on the water or adding fewer polish drops. And sometimes nothing helps so just rock it anyway



Polishes used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sun Spots (base), Painted Lady, 3D Crystal Skull PE-29 Sticker bought on Amazon


Wavy watermarble pattern.




Thanks for reading!

– Kerri

Halloween Graveyard 2015


Hello Everyone, I hope Halloween was fun for you if you took part. It’s probably one of the few times I hand draw nail art, and I wouldn’t got traipsing through this grave yard after dark.


I did a gradient for the background, the cat and bats are decals.


Polishes used OPI Alpine Snow (base),

Sally Hansen Yummy Yam (top),

The Last Adventure (bottom),

Zoya Pepper (Inner edges),

Orly Liquid Vinyl (outer edges),

Phantom Frights Black Stripper for trees.



It was my first time using Zoya Matte Velvet Top Coat, I was a bit surprised it still looked a bit shiny.


Thanks for reading!

– Kerri