Hi my names Kerri

I’ve been wondering for years how to start a blog, and have over thought myself out of it multiple times. I guess the only way to start a blog is to just start.

This blog is all about my love for everything related to nail polish. I’m not obsessed, I’m enthusiast. Yes, there’s a difference. I hope this blog get’s better with time, want to join me on the journey?

I also want to retroactively add some pictures incase Instagram and I have a falling out and they delete my account they seem to be doing that to a lot of people.

4/9/2014 – At the time I started this blog I had no idea what I was doing (still don’t) but i’m still going, I realized after doing some non-nail post that I wanted this blog to be about more than just nails and nail polish, I wanted it to also be about beauty and not just physical beauty but inner beauty as well, so look out for the odd non-nail polish related post.

Obey the fortune cookie!






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