Happy Independence Day 2017

Hello Everyone! This post is long overdue, but what else is new. This was the nail art I did, I wasn’t satisfied with my hand writing from my previous nailart, so I ordered a Uber Chic Alphabet and Number nail plates. Now doesn’t this look better?

Polishes used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lemon Zest, Going Green, Heritage Red, Black On Black & A-England Excalibur Renaissance. Stamped with Uber Chic Alphabet 01 & Numbers 01

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Happy Emancipation Day Jamaica 2017!

Hello Everyone! Happy Emancipation Day! Whenever this time of year rolls around and i’m homesick to the extreme, and since this and Independence day fall within the same week so it’s normally a week long celebration. So i’m celebrating my way with nail art of course. See previous years mani for a mini history lesson.

Polishes used Zoya Pippa, Wyatt, Willa & Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Going Green, stamped with Plate BM-H14 using Zoya Goldie and coconut trees from plate Konad M29.

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Happy Independence Day Jamaica! 2016

Hello Everyone! This was a mani I did for Jam Dung AKA Jamaica Independence Day, Inspired by the Bob Marley classic One Love, and more than ever I think we all need unity.



Gradient using Sally Hansen White On (base), OPI I Just Can’t Cope-Acabana, Green-Wich Village. Stamp on Pueen 37 using Sally Hansen Blackout and Heritage Red.

Flag: Sally Hansen Lemon Zest, Going Green, Black Out.
Thumb and Pinky, base color Sally Hansen Going Green, stamped on Pueen 35 with White On.




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Happy Emancipation Day Jamaica!

Hello Everyone, While i’m not in Jamaica to celebrate but I find i’m appreciating freedom lately and what it means to be truly free. August 1, 1834 marked a special day for Africans in British colonies it was the day they received freedom from slavery.

So to start out the week long celebration with a Jamaican flag inspired ribbon like watermarble.




Polishes used for watermarble using Sally Hansen Lemon Zest (base),Mellow Yellow, Going Green, Black Out. Stamped on Pueen plate with White On.





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In Jamaica, the Emancipation Declaration was read from the steps of the Old Kings House in Spanish Town, St Catherine, the country’s capital at the time.
The bill for the abolition of slavery in the British colonies received the royal assent on August 28,1838. It stated:

Be it enacted, that all and every one of the persons who on the first day of August one thousand eight hundred and thirty four, shall be holden in slavery within such British colony as aforesaid, shall, upon and from and after the said first day of August, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-four, become and be to all intents and purposes free and discharged from all manner of slavery, and shall be absolutely and forever manumitted.
The passage of this bill in the British Parliament in England enabled approximately 311,000 enslaved Africans in Jamaica and hundreds of thousands more across the colonies the freedom for which many of their predecessors had fought and died. However, the Africans did not receive full freedom until four years later, as all slaves over six years old were subjected to a mandatory six-year period of apprenticeship. The ex-slaves would work – without pay – for their former masters for three-quarters of the week (40 hours), in exchange for lodging, food, clothing. medical attendance and grounds on which they could grow their own provisions. They could also, if they chose, hire themselves out for additional wages during the remaining quarter of the week. With this money, an ex-slave could then buy his freedom.

Happy Jamaica Day 2016


Hello Everyone! Happy Jamaica Day! Don’t worry if you’re not Jamaican you can celebrate anyway, have some Jamaican food and blast some reggae it’s all good.

Jamaica Day is a part of the Culture in Education Program, run by the Ministry of Education and is celebrated in schools across the country. Normally it’s celebrated on the on the last Friday in February, but because of this years general election it’s being held today.

Each year focuses in a different part of our culture this year it’s creative industries such as theater, music, art, design, writers and of course food.

My creation of choice tada…..



Polishes used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lemon Zest, Going Green, Heritage Red & Black Out.



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Coconut Trees In The Breeze


Hello Everyone! My tropical number is inspired by the colors of the Jamaican flag, I’ve been thinking of home a lot lately.


This manicure is a gradient done with a damp sponge, I didn’t do a white base since I didn’t want the gradient to be too bright. (for the mini video I did a white base for a fast color build up.) The waves were painted on with a nail art brush and blue and white polish.


Nail art without waves

Polishes used are Pipedream Polish Light Of Day, High Roller & Orly Liquid Vinyl. Stamped with Konad m29 & Bundle Monster BM-H24 using Konad White polish.


I need to work on my filming angle, the video is short because most of it wasn’t in the frame lol.

I stamped over the sun multiple time to get this superimposed, super sunny effect.



Can you name this song? ……..without goggling it.

“Get you coconut water,
Man, it’s good for your daughter ,
Coco got alot of iron,
Make you strong like a lion”

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#31dc2014 Inspired by A Flag

Day 28 – Inspired by A Flag #31dc2014 – Jamaican Flag. Duh I’m Jamaican, I’ll always rep my counties flag. The End.


Oh wait there’s more ☺️ I’ve done a few  Jamaican themed manicure so this time I decided to go for more muted colors instead of the more vibrant green and yellow, polished are Zoya Raven, Tilda, Pippa. Bolt nailvinyls are from Teismom.



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Jamaica Independence Day Nails 2014

Hi Everyone, Today Jamaica turns 52, Happy Independence day!

The Slavery Abolition Act on August 1, 1834 ended slavery in the British Empire but Jamaica didn’t receive independence from Britain until August 6, 1962.


In this design I decided to include the Rastafarian colors which is also the color of the Ethiopian flag, which many rastas believe to be their homeland. Those colors are green, yellow and red, I took creative licence and also added black, because Rastafarianism is blended so much into the Jamaican culture.


Polishes used OPI Need Sunglasses?, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Going Green, Cherry Red, Black Out.


I went around looking for a simpler green, couldn’t find one, anyone know of one please let me know. (I should have pick up a back up.)




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Jamaica Inspired Watermarble

Another Jamaica inspired watermarble, this was also done for another Instagram video mini tutorial.

Polishes used Orly Liquid Vinyl, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Going Green, Lemon Zest

Instagram Mini Tutorial


Jamaica Independence Day Nails 2013

Jamaica Celebrates her 51st Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jamaica! I’m proud to be born Jamaican! One Love♥



Polishes used Orly Liquid Vinyl, SallyHansen Xtreme Wear Going Green, Lemon Zest & Cherry Red.